Winter Compilation 2018-19

Here is the Winter Compilation for your entertainment. Please keep sending in your videos so that we can do a regular monthly compilation using the ‘send a video’ link in the above menu.

  1. A1 northbound Stamford, driving a fully loaded artic when this loon decides its a good idea to chop me up at the last minute. Credit: Tony Frost
  2. 03.48am 16/12/18 on the M62 near Dewsbury, idiot heading eastbound using a Laser pen to blind HGV’s on the opposite carrirageway. Credit: Tony Frost
  3. A60 Ravenshead – Older driver pulls out onto main rd infront of a wagon and drag and slows down to a crawl. Had to swerve to avoid hitting him.
  4. This guy overtake me via footpath then swearing me and show middle finger . The reason could be because I am taking 2 lanes which is normal for lorry In this case. This happened in Dudley Birmingham Merry hill retail park. The date and time are on the video. The reg is DL18RVE.
  5. M6 Knutsford Services. Driver forgets to put his handbrake on!! Credit: Matt Saniuk.
  6. Travelling northbound on m6 (19-12-2018) between j14 and j15 I was doing 50mph in a fully loaded 44 tonne wagon in the road works and came up on this car I flashed lights for it to move over into a clear left lane and they decide to brake check me instead, only to move over a few hundred yards up to exit at j15. Credit: Matthew Thompson.
  7. A34 south of M40 J9. TR55 FLY – Contacted the drivers company and submitted this clip to them. My dashcam battery wouldn’t maintain charge so time stamp is incorrect (24/4/2017). I have bought a new battery for it so all other videos are dated correctly. Credit: Steve Davies.
  8. Hull – 9/6/2016. Abbey Tanker jumps a red light. Followed lorry to his yard as I was delivering near there anyway, spoke to transport manager and submitted this clip to them. Credit: Steve Davies
  9. M1 Southbound (10/8/2017), contacted company to inform them and submitted this clip. Credit: Steve Davies.
  10. M6 J6 north – 20/12/2018. EU18 YRR – UPS driver throwing litter out of the window. Eventually managed to speak to an actual human and informed them of the incident. Credit: Steve Davies.
  11. M4 / A34 junction at Chievley Services – 16/11/2016. Less than 400 meters away from a service station and this lady chucks rubbish out of her window. YC66 VDR. Credit: Steve Davies.
  12. A1 south J62 – 18/10/2018. Golf v Scania, Golf holding HGV in lane 2, trying not allowing truck to exit , then giving pursuit/dangerous driving. Credit: Reg Lang.
  13. M25 j16-15, 2/1/2019. How not to leave the hard shoulder. Pulled out in front of 44t loaded with chickens. Credit: Aaron Spall.
  14. M1 J18 south. 30/12/2018. Very late exit. Credit: Mark Hooper.
  15. South Circular (A205) crosses with the A23 in between Brixton and Streatham, Heading East. I was in the left hand lane. This dude was in the middle lane. I believe he was distracted as he was about 4 car lengths behind me when we were crossing the crossroads. I let the van merge in front of me, as I check my mirror, I see him speeding right up to me. But at this point, I have already merged into the one lane. He didn’t like being behind a lorry, you can see what he does next in the clip. Never thought someone would do that. This Happened a while ago and i cannot recall the exact date and time but this is as much as i can remember. Credit: Ray
  16. Offenham, 22/1/2019. I was clearly indicating right and she just didn’t pay any attention. Credit: Ben Williams.
  17. M25 clockwise between J9 and 10, 19/1/2019. BMW undertakes on the hard shoulder. Credit: Richey Clarke.
  18. M25 J27, 6/10/2019. Foreign registered minibus takes the slip road very late. Credit: Richey Clarke.
  19. A249 northbound, junction with A2, 24/1/2019. Approaching roadworks with a coned off lane this guy had to get in front. Credit: Richey Clarke.
  20. Typical BMW Driver via Paul King –
  21. M62 Ferrybridge via Steve Juncar message to page.
  22. Truck pulls out of lay-by on a dark road with no lights on via Katarzyna Fuga message to page.
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