We know lots of you miss the monthly compilations we used to do last year. The truth is, they take a lot of time putting them together and slowly the number of videos we received each month started to decline. It seemed pointless carrying on with them.

We can only only publish these compilations if you send your videos in. We are not a channel/platform that just goes round ripping and stealing peoples material. We only show videos that we have gained the right to use.


Enjoy this compilation, all the details for the individual clips are below. *Contains strong language in some clips.

  1. Mercedes Does What He wants. Entry onto M621 from Leeds. Lane merges, let 1 late arrival on ,then when lane 2 has ended Merc driver SD63 NYB tries to force in front of hgv. He then carries on over the chevrons and forces his way onto M621.
  2. Brake Checked by Audi. M25 Anti Clockwise Junction 12. Filtering from the M25 J12 anti clockwise on to the M3 South bound when an Audi cut in to my safety zone. I was hoping he wasn’t going to try and join the stationary traffic already queuing on the M25, so I flashed my lights when they started to slow down. He then brake checked me setting off my anti collision system putting my truck in to an emergency stop, causing traffic behind me to take evasive action. He then sped off.
  3. Bmw cuts from lane 3 to exit M62. M62 bound for Manchester. Slowly climbing up hill fully laden on the m62. And bmw cuts from lane 3 to exit inches from my osf corner dash cam has a better view of the car than I did.
  4. Car pulls out on hgv doing 50mph. A26 towards Tunbridge Wells. Car pulls out of layby in front of hgv doing 50mph on A26 a national speed limit road driver takes avoiding action to avoid accident or jackknife car then overtakes and gives driver a rude hand signal. 
  5. Bradford crash claimer? Bradford. Driving to my next job in my transit custom and as I’m coming up the sliproad in Bradford, I get this BMW randomly slamming on his breaks. Either going for a claim or god knows what he was doing. sorry for the language but my heart was going ten to the dozen. His Reg; YA67 PGE – so other drivers can keep an eye out.
  6. No comment. A453. M1 detour J23a-J24a no police involved just a idiot that thinks he has right of way.
  7. HGV reversing onto a roundabout on a dual carriageway. Bisham/Marlow. HGV took wrong exit, decided to reverse on to a dual carriageway roundabout rather than procced and turn around, during an exchange of opinions he decided to say he is going to reverse into me and at this point decided to reverse. no reverse lights working on the truck either! total idiot.
  8. Recovery Tit. A48M Cardiff. Coned road works on slip and carageway I filtered the learners car through but the Iveco decided he was forcing his way out forced me onto verge with my side rack just scuffing the Armco. if you look at thevideo you can see him pull the steering wheel hard right as if to try and ram me to make a point . I wasn’t braking to let someone ram me from behind and these inbreed clowns need to learn to filter and give way to the right. Bot sure if sound has come through but I was very vocal with the Caravan Using Nomadic Traveller word.
  9. Builders van loses his load. A417 Near Swindon. On the A417 (I think) near Swindon & this van loses all the stuff off the roof.
  10. Poundland Driver does a U -Turn rather than use the roundabout 50yrds up the road. Lakeside Shopping Centre. Due to construction at Lakeside the delivery area is limited so I wait at a marshalling point. the Poundland truck comes out and rather use the roundabout behind me, he does a U-Turn…
  11. Who is at Fault? Warrington. I was travelling to work and came off at the Lymm Services roundabout. Foreign HGV driver was in the wrong lane, but barged his way through. My insurance have now decided that instead of all the hard work tracing the foreign haulier, its easier to blame me. So any comments are appreciated.
  12. Very lucky! A605 between Warrmington and Oundle. No police called,driving behind tractor and trailer que of traffic building up I’m in a double decker there was 2 cars behind then another hgv looked in mirror to see this idiot coming by,thought was going to pull in but decided to go wrong side of bollards.
  13. Foreign HGV moron. A414 Hatfield bound. A414 Eastbound, artic in the wrong lane trying to go all the way round it in the left lane. Anglian in the correct lane doesn’t realise what the foreign truck is doing and takes off his offside mirror.
  14. Brake checked. M1 southbound at J39 near Denby Dale. Fully loaded in the rain being brake checked then the driver slows me down to 15mph in a live lane.
  15. Crash 4 cash? What a sppppppoooooooooon! M5 north at Thornbury. Always keep a distance L. what the f**k was his problem?
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