Near miss with a car on the M6

This newly seen video is from November 2017 but has only just been released by this HGV driver.


“I was travelling north on the M6 past J7 where you can join the M5 to head south at J8 in the Great Barr area of Birmingham. The hard shoulder was being used as a running lane onto the M5 where the driver of the blue truck also wanted the M5 south. There is a second slip road further up the motorway which the driver could have taken however, they decided to merge there nearly side swiping a black Honda Civic out”.

The driver of the camera vehicle tells us he caught up to the driver whilst in traffic a few mile down the road to tell him what had happened. He seemed oblivious and told him to “F off”. So he forwarded the footage to his transport manager for investigation but never heard anything back.

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