Park Road, Oldham – 20/7/2018

Our member tells us this starts when they try jumping the traffic already queuing after purposely getting themselves in the wrong lane hoping to be quick off the lights.


The camera car was also quick off the lights and the VW driver see’s red! All the way up the hill the VW is tailgaiting, beeping and light flashing. Just as the opening for the petrol station appears on the left they try to undertake, mounting the kerb.

They then overtake into oncoming traffic before boxing the camera car in damaging their mirror. Two of the three males in the VW get out of it, the driver walks round the back of his car then tries to put his fist through the cam car drivers window (2 large bangs).

Another two males get out of another car in front (whether or not they were travelling together or they were good samaritans we don’t know) then they get back in a speed off.

The incident was reported to Greater Manchester Police who took over two weeks to respond. They told the uploader that they don’t have the resources to investigate as sexual assaults and serious assaults are their only priority. They didn’t even want to see this video.

Picture: Reg Number

Speaking to our member all he had to say was “Come to Oldham and drive how you feel as the Police aren’t interested.”

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