bbc close calls on camera
Cast your minds back to December, 2016 and specifically that video that went viral. Yes, we mean the Smart Car crash on the M23 that saw its driver, Saqib Ali leave the car when it went into a spin and land in the second lane of the motorway.
Not long after we published the video online, there was a flurry of media interest. Major interest came from Topical Television who was wanting to run a story for a programme they make for the BBC – BBC Close Calls On Camera.
All the relevant parties were put together and today the full story can be seen for the first time. Tune into BBC1 at 11.45am or go on catch up to watch it when it suits (Series 5, Episode 2).
Also at some point in the series it will be following another video we featured where a motorbike collides with a motor trike at a set of traffic lights. The rider is thrown into the air and lands badly on his back.