Friendly warning leads to a brake check

Heading northbound on the M40 at J9 for Bicester, Marcus the driver of the camera truck had been minding his own business when he noticed a car appear in front of him with no lights on.


Being friendly as there was other vehicles around, Marcus gives a gentle flash of his lights to get the attention of the offending car. At first there was no reaction and still no lights on although it was dark on the motorway. Again Marcus flashes his lights but this time the driver of the red Ford Fiesta slams his brakes on brake checking Marcus where he then sounds his horn.

A few seconds later Marcus again tries to get his attention by flashing his lights, this time being wound up by the brake check he shouts out of his window “you’ve got no lights on”. A hand appears from the window with a rude gesture followed by the car drivers head where Marcus yet again shouts you’ve got no lights on.

Possibly red faced by his actions the Ford Fiesta drivers speeds away but still with no lights on.

The incident was reported to Thames Valley Police but no comment has yet been made.

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