Car pulls out of layby causing a crash A55

As the driver of the truck was travelling east on the A55 (J23) at Llanddulas in the direction of Chester, a female driver pulls out of the lay-by in front of a 44 tonne HGV.

With the truck driver having no time to respond or go anywhere else to escape as there was another vehicle in lane two, it resulted in the driver of the silver Hyundai car being rear ended.

The Hyundai then bounced into lane two colliding with another vehicle (Mercedes) before coming to a stop in the central reservation.

It was reported at the time that two people were taken to hospital with non life threatening injuries.

The driver of the HGV tells us the woman in the Hyundai that pulled out of the lay-by causing the crash was found to be at fault and was sent on a paid driver awareness course.

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