M18 n/b near Doncaster – 13/7/2018.

As this truck driver made his way north on the M18 in the Doncaster area of South Yorkshire, the driver of this white Renault Megane for no apparent reason decides to perform a stunt that is on the increase on the UK roads. The driver pulls into lane one of the motorway and brake very hard causing the truck driver to react quickly to avoid hitting the car. This is known as brake checking.

The second time the driver hits the brakes the truck bumps into the back of the Megan causing damage to the bumper as seen. They pull onto the hard shoulder where the Megane driver gets out of his car to confront the truck driver.

Off camera the driver of the white car calls the police out to the incident where he himself is arrested on suspicion of drink driving.

South Yorkshire police have been contacted for comment.

Karma prevails and another dangerous driver is off the road.

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