Autumn Compilation 2018

Please enjoy the long awaited Autumn compilation. Keep sending your videos to us using the ‘Send A Video’ link found in the menu.

  1. M62 at J8 at Warrington is newly marked out with paint on the road saying which lane to be in. In this instance lane 4 was needed for Omega South to go towards the Asda distribution centre. I was correctly in lane but the AKW truck came in from lane 2 to jump the queue maybe to beat me into the delivery location resulting in the female truck driver taking my nearside mirrors off.
  2. M6 at J23 for Haydock, make your own mind up who’s at fault here. The peugeot driver or the Malcolm’s truck driver?
  3. On the A1 in Cambridgeshire area this dangerous motorbike rider forces me to brake hard on a steep hill.
  4. Traffic merge fail on Kilbarchan Slip road joining A737 towards Glasgow. Previous to this slip road, it’s single lane traffic which splits into two lanes just prior to slip road.
  5. Derby area, van driver doesnt have a clue where he is going. Just what I experienced today, pet peeve when people don’t know where they’re going and don’t think to just stay in lane/direction in a safe manner….
  6. Hull, idiot van driver in a hurry.
  7. Eccles M602 WB / M62 / M60, car tries to enter closed motorway and nearly causes a pile up behind me. M602 WB Eccles interchange, car stops in live lane and goes through the cones trying to access the closed M62!! Fair play to the artic driver behind me who had to divert on to the shoulder so he didn’t run in the back of me!!
  8. A69 Haltwhistle pride of Clyde coach close call. A69 pride of Clyde coach overtakes just after a round about full of passengers on a blind bend time was 14:33 westbound (21-10-2018).
  9. Staines area. A big annoyance of mine is when people take to the wrong side of the road to get passed traffic, its especially annoying when they don’t get any further ahead…
  10. M1 northbound between J20-21. Tanker forces me to brake hard when I was already half way past.
  11. Car driver looks but pulls out anyway. A523 Macclesfield to Poynton Road.Car pulls out in front of me and i am fully loaded.I take avoiding action. If you use this please credit me as Cloudmaker.
  12. M62 / M1 split on a Friday….enough said.
  13. A361 near Torr Works, Eddie Stobart Dangerous Overtake. Dangerous overtake on A361 near Torr works, The Eddie Stobart HGV has not even started the overtake till the two lanes needed.
  14. M60, Idiot wagon driver. Driver films bikers and films behind him. Dumb ass move with all that weight.
  15. M6 nb just before the fork for m6 toll, typical BMW driver. Driver moved in from lane three, then broke for no reason, he then proceeded to stop me from overtaking for another 5 miles. 
  16. Runcorn area. I’m in a hgv and cant see his lights from where im sitting, if you listen carefully you can hear my brakes lock and i had to mount the kerb to miss him.
  17. Two Mills. Think the video says it all, silly overtake.
  18. A47 Hinckley, impatient driver overtakes on roundabout. Following learner vehicle up the a47 past Hinckley, when an impatient pickup driver decides that he doesn’t want to wait any longer. Over takes me across the roundabout before cutting in, then overtakes the learner vehicle on a bend.
  19. Location and nature unknown, sent in anonymously via messenger (27-9-2018).
  20. On the M6 north near J3 for Coventry there was what looked like a true in the road which I had no time to respond too.
  21. I was travelling north on the M6 past J7 where you can join the M5 to head south at J8 in the Great Barr area of Birmingham. The hard shoulder was being used as a running lane onto the M5 where the driver of the blue truck also wanted the M5 south. There is a second slip road further up the motorway which the driver could have taken however, they decided to merge there nearly side swiping a black Honda Civic out.
  22. Unknown, sent in anonymously with no detail.
  23. Location unknown, sent in anonymously via messenger (28-9-2018).
  24. Location unknown, sent in via messenger (5-10-2018).
  25. A49 Lower Whitley near Warrington. At temporary traffic lights this impatient driver comes past everyone queuing pleading ignorance.
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