Van driver overtakes on blind bends

We were sent this video in August 2016 which highlighted a red van overtaking on a solid white line around some very blind bends in the Peak District. It happened between Tideswell and Forest Peak where there are numerous bends in the road, where also the road isn’t the widest which usually means trucks can’t get a good speed.

peak district
Picture: The Peak District National Park

The Peak District also has one of the UK’s most dangerous roads which is the A537. This 12km road roads from Macclesfield to Buxton and is also known as ‘The Cat and Fiddle”.

The video was viewed more than 171k times and shared 1.3k times. Lots of comments recommended the uploader should forward it on to the police as it was such a reckless overtake that the van driver should be sent to prison as it endangered the lives of everyone using that road. This did lead to a police investigation.

High peak comments
Picture: Top Comments

The van driver who hasn’t been identified appeared in court earlier this week charged with dangerous driving. He received a 12 month driving ban, £285 fine and £185 costs. From what HGV Dash Cam Footage understand, the driver didn’t have a driving licence to start with whether this was due to a previous ban or never owning a licence we don’t know. However, the question has been asked, “how was he banned for 12 months when he didn’t have a licence to start with?”

We reposted this video on our Facebook page this week to update everyone, and since then, it has been viewed a further 195k times. One person left a comment saying

“A 12 month ban when he was already driving without a licence? That will teach him.”