Red Honda Civic

Okay, so we all remember this idiot.

This was the moment the driver of the red Honda Civic decides to pull off a stunt so dangerous he should have been given an instant driving ban.


Red Honda Civic
Picture: The moment the Honda Civic driver hits the brakes.

Dave Walker was driving along the M62 eastbound at J26 on the 27th July, 2016 at 1340 when he moved over to the second lane to let the joining traffic merge. This is common practice amongst HGV drivers alike, a way of being courteous to keep the flow of traffic moving.

When Dave realised he was in a safe position to move back to lane 1, he decides to make his move. As he went to move over the red Civic had come from behind him and was trying to undertake him hence the slight swerve in his manoeuvre. This action must have caused the car to see red.

In the video  you see the Civic driver merge in from the filter lane, he has already crossed the chevrons to be there. Moments later he manoeuvres into lane 2 where he dramatically applies the brakes. Dave only has a split second to react, he either slams the brakes on hard causing the truck travelling behind him to rear end him which, in turn could cause devastating consequences or brake in a manner which would have a lesser outcome.

Thankfully the experienced HGV driver took the latter option but, contrary to popular belief, it isn’t easy stopping a 44 tonne truck. You see the truck doing its best to stop in time but inevitably there was a collision.

After the collision both parties move over to the hard shoulder where there are a further two shunts, in both cases they are caused by the Civic driver continuing to brake hard where the truck simply cannot stop in time.

Red Honda Civic Shunted
Picture: He gets a further two shunts for leaving no braking distance.
West Yorkshire Police initially showed no interest at the scene although the evidence was damning. Dave was not happy with the outcome at the scene and decided to contact the force and present the dash clip footage. West Yorkshire Police decided to take on the case and after reviewing the footage they have dished out in our opinion a “get out of jail free card”.
The driver has been referred to the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme as an alternative to prosecution. However, if the other party declines the opportunity, or fails to meet the required standard of competency, then the case papers will be re-opened with a view to court proceedings being taken.


Letter From West Yorkshire Police
Picture: Extract all the letter received by Dave Walker.

We feel the punishment was too light and, it sends out the wrong message to drivers that may think of carrying out this dangerous stunt in the future.

The whole episode was exclusively shown first here at HGV Dash Cam Footage and to-date has been viewed 687,000 times on Facebook and a further 21,000 times on our YouTube channel which is still relatively small. There was wide spread media interest and the story was followed up by most of the national newspapers.