Doncaster Dangerous Driver

A little under a year ago, we was sent this clip of dangerous undertake on the A1M near Doncaster. Our page was a relatively small page then with around 8,000 like on it.

The video was viewed some 64,000 times and was shared 468 times. The footage caused outrage amongst the viewers with some of them sending a link to South Yorkshire Police.

South Yorkshire Police contacted us and asked to be put in contact with the footage owner, which we did. The owner had already tried to file a complaint against the driver of the car to a different police force but fell on deaf ears. This time, the owner successfully gave his statement and managed to confirm the date and time as it was incorrect on the date stamping on the video.

The car was being used within the motor trade, and tracking down who was driving the vehicle at the time was difficult. South Yorkshire Police managed to track the driver and send him through the courts process.

However, this took a long time but eventually a court date was set for the 22nd June, 2016.

On the day of the hearing, the defendant failed to appear and in his absence he was given a measly 6 points and an undisclosed large fine.