car crash britain

Jamie Theakson narrates this new four-part series looking at Britain’s most shocking road accidents, jaw-dropping driving and miraculous near misses – caught on camera by the people at the very centre of the action.

The extraordinary growth in personal cameras mounted on drivers’ dashboards and bike helmets means that very little that happens on Britain’s roads goes unseen. The real-life drama on the nation’s roads is also captured by smartphones and CCTV.

The series hears from victims of hit-and-runs, cash-for-crash scams and tales of out-of-control motorway trucks, and we also meet some of those at the centre of these daily dramas. Stories from previous series have included a daughter’s moving tribute to her dad’s life-saving driving skills and a cyclist who turns potholes into miniature gardens.

Also, the terrifying moment a woman found herself trapped in a car filling with water after crashing into a ditch. Motorists revealed how they discovered that mechanics were taking their cars on secret joyrides, and there was a look at Britain’s most hopeless learner driver.

This new episode includes lessons with the man who holds the world record for the tightest parallel parking, more shocking motorway smashes, and a look at what happened when a man’s runaway tractor crashed into his ex-wife’s garden.

Lots of our social media members have had some of their videos used for the show which we are looking forward to see.

You can watch the latest series on ITV1 on:

  • Ep 1/4, Thursday 4th May – 9pm,
  • Ep 2/4, Thursday 11th May – 9pm,
  • Ep 3/4, Thursday 25th May – 9pm,
  • Ep 4/4, Thursday 8th June – 9pm.