Dash Cams make driving safer

Dash Cams make driving saferThe majority of motorists would probably say they are a good driver. They would argue that they abide by the rules of the road, including keeping within speed limits, never running red lights and not using a mobile phone while behind the wheel – and while you may be the safest driver around, accidents still happen.

Whether you are involved in a major or minor road incident, the other drivers involved may see things differently and try to blame you for the events. No matter how truthful you are, without proof, it can be difficult to prove your innocence in an incident.

So, wouldn’t it be great if there was in-car technology that made sure you could prove you were in the right in the event of a crash? Enter the dash cam.

It would be impossible to suggest that you have not heard of these handy devices already, as they’ve been given a lot of media coverage recently, but if you still need convincing of the benefits, we’ve gone into more detail below.

crash for cash
Picture: BBC

Evidence after an accident

Obviously, a road traffic accident of any sort is something all drivers try to avoid, but in the event that this does happen, you can rest assured there will be reliable footage showing exactly what has happened.

If the other drivers involved are telling a different story of what happened, you will have proof to show that you were in fact driving safely. Then, your insurance provider can use this evidence against the other driver proving the incident wasn’t your fault.

Reporting bad driving

Another of the dash cam’s many perks is that it can be used to report any dangerous behaviour from other drivers you have spotted while on the road. It is a worry to know that any driver can be put into danger by another driver, but evidence from a dash cam can be used to warn unsafe drivers of their driving behaviour, or ultimately points or a ban for continual offenders.

In some cases, there have been high profile instances of drivers posting shocking dash cam footage on Facebook pages like ours and YouTube, meaning life-threatening behaviour is spotted and ultimately stopped.

Surveillance and protection

Ever left your car for a few hours in a car park and returned to find it damaged due to a bump from another driver? Unfortunately, this type of case is fairly common. However, many dash cams have a feature called ‘parking mode’, which still records when the vehicle is parked. Therefore, if another driver hits your car and drives away, there is evidence to help you find the perpetrator.

crash for cash warning
Picture: Insurance Fraud Bureau

Preventing crash for cash

‘Crash for cash’ is a term that has been used an awful lot in recent years, and is used to describe cases where drivers intentionally cause an accident and blame the other driver in order to get an insurance payout. Often, these criminals will claim more damage has been done to their vehicle than has actually occurred, or they have a physical injury which they claim for.

While this may not cost the driver directly, your insurance premium could increase. Already, crash for cash is costing UK insurers over £392 million per year, according to figures from the Insurance Fraud Bureau (2012). (Crash for cash report.pdf)

But, with a dash cam, you can actively avoid being involved in this type of incident.£392m

Keep insurance costs down

As dash cams become increasingly common on British roads, many insurance companies are recognising the benefits and offering discounts for those motorists who purchase them. Having quality footage of your time on the road means that insurers can spend less money investigating incidents, and can ultimately pass this saving on to the motorist.

Need further proof?

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