It’s a quite Saturday morning travelling north on the M6 through Stafforshire when this HGV driver stumbles across the driver of this VW Golf.


The driver is noticeably travelling very slowly in lane one of the motorway with their hazard lights on. Getting level with the problem car, it becomes apparent that the front offside tyre is completely gone and the driver is literally dangerously driving on three wheels and the rim of the fourth wheel.

Having just past Stafford Services the driver had the opportunity to pull over before heading into the roadworks.

Concerned the truck driver who caught this on his dash cam rings the police to make a report to which they were already aware of the situation from other members of the public.

The HGV drivers tells us he continued on his journey where he had his 45 minute break at the next services being Keele. Leaving Keele services and continuing his journey, he again notices the same car he had seen an hour earlier but this time it was travelling on the hard shoulder slowly. Absolutely shocked at this, he again rings the Police only to be told they are aware of the situation.

He told us “I can’t believe that the Police have allowed this driver to continue at 15mph on the motorway. It was only about 15 mile between my first sighting and the second and its taken the Golf driver an whole hour to do it.”

It is not known if the Golf driver ever pulled over in defeat or whether the Police finally caught up to them.

Happened 29-9-2018 between 0705 and 0806.

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