Hippo Truck Sleeps in Portsmouth

Truck caught taking a nap on the job

Paulsgrove area of #Portsmouth - 19-6-2017. Seems even Hippo's need to have a lay down in the shade in this heatwave we are having. Credit: Trevor Turner https://youtu.be/iNsfQvHBnf4
Worlds Deadliest Drivers

Series 2 of “The Worlds Deadliest Drivers”

Last year we was asked to get involved with a brand new TV program called 'The Worlds Deadliest Drivers". We agreed and they wanted to use footage from our achieve to be shown all over...
bbc close calls on camera

Watch: Full story seen on TV

Cast your minds back to December, 2016 and specifically that video that went viral. Yes, we mean the Smart Car crash on the M23 that saw its driver, Saqib Ali leave the car when...
car crash britain

Car Crash Britain hits the screens

Jamie Theakson narrates this new four-part series looking at Britain's most shocking road accidents, jaw-dropping driving and miraculous near misses – caught on camera by the people at the very centre of the action. The...

Goose is always happy to help

Truck driver Goose McSwan helps an elderly man who has broken down at a set of traffic lights. A71 at West Calder, West Lothian, Scotland. Driving back to base today (28-4-2017) when I spot an elderly...
Dash Cams make driving safer

5 ways a dash cam will make driving safer

The majority of motorists would probably say they are a good driver. They would argue that they abide by the rules of the road, including keeping within speed limits, never running red lights and...
Worlds Deadliest Drivers

TV Interview for the ‘World’s Deadliest Drivers’

As some of you are aware, last year we were approached by Back2back TV Productions who are in the process of making a new TV series called "The World's Deadliest Drivers". It will comprise...