peterborough brake check

Brake checked GF61 BAU no tax, not or insurance

A605 near Peterborough Services 17-11-2017 If you're going to behave like this on the road and draw attention to yourself, make sure your car is legal to be on the road - GF61 BAU. Credit: Anon
Raith Truck Car Crash

Truck takes car out in Scotland – Crash

Crash on M74 8/11/17. Truck fails to see car undertaking and spins it across the carriageway. M74 between Raith and Maryville interchanges. Credit: Stuart Maclaren
Sofa Workshop Lichfield

BRAKE!! Idiot 7.5 tonne driver makes no intention

A38 Lichfield - Burton ? "7.5t box van accelerates away after pulling onto A38 so I pull in behind, with no indication he slams his brakes on and pulls off an entry road to the...
Woman on country lane in smart car

Woman on a country lane makes life difficult

On a undisclosed country lane in Sandwich, Kent - 1/11/2018. On a single track country lane, this lady sees me coming but refuses to stop at accessible location. After five minutes she refuses to reverse...
A406 Road Rage

Road rage HGV and car in London

A406 North Circular, London - 18/08/2017 "This happened to me in the Summer, Met Police have shown no interest, despite a report being made". Credit: Michael Painter
Steves Taxis Huntingdon

Dangerous taxi driver in Peterborough – Steve’s Taxi’s

A1139 Fletton Parkway, #Peterborough. "Taxi brake tests a lorry because he was upset at being held up for all of less than 30secs. When will these idiots realise how dangerous this kind of driving is....
Park Royal Idiot BMW Driver

Brake checked after being cut up YH62 HSC

Abbey Road/North Circular, Park Royal - YH62 HSC "Another BMW driver with an ego bigger than his manhood. The video clearly shows only lane 3 turns right onto the North Circular but it doesn't seem...
A52 Nottingham Audi

Crash for cash or an innocent bump?

Moving onto a roundabout in Nottingham (A52), I'd been following the Audi estate for several miles. On the roundabout, the Audi was cut up and hit on the front corner, I was cut up then...
A5 Towcester Drivers Keys Thrown Away

Drivers keys get thrown away after late overtake

"This happened on the A5 not long after Towcester. I checked my mirrors and didn't catch this guy's late overtake as my concentration was on the slowing vehicles ahead. This could of ended very...
Abergavenny Wrong Way Roundabout

Karma after idiot driver tries an illegal overtake

A465 Abergavenny this morning. Idiot decides to overtake in the roadworks on a solid white line approaching a roundabout and gets nowhere. Credit: Chris Wilson