Van accidentally reverses into car behind

Keighley, 13-12-2017. Van reverses into car behind them.
Clio driver runs red light

Clio drivers runs a red light – SC06 SNN

A534, Crewe - 10/1/2018. The driver of the red Renault Clio runs a red light and doesn't even look oblivious to the crash he nearly causes. Credit: David Yated
Fed-Ex driver forgets the handbrake

Red faced Fed Ex driver forgets the handbrake

Unknown location in Oxford - 4/1/2018. Very windy day and the Fed-Ex driver forgot the parking brake, queue the Benny Hill music :-D
M62 Car Reverses In Fog On Hard Shoulder

Car misses exit then reverses in fog on M62

M62 J23 w/b 20/12/2017. It maybe 23.50 at night but this is something that should never be done. If you miss your junction, just carry on to the next junction and turn around. This car driver...

Sawyers illegal overtake in 40mph

A75, 23/12/2017. Driving on A75 Westbound towards Dumfries and was overtaken on double white lines by a Sawyers truck. Please can you mention that a single carageway road in Scotland is 40MPH in an HGV...
Hounslow Bad Focus Driver

Focus driver makes a bad left turn

Hounslow, 27/1/2015. An old video from a couple of years ago, this Ford Focus just randomly stops in front of me with no signal & seemingly no reason for doing so. Possibly a cash for...
A12 Marks Tey

Van man causes crash after seeing red

A12/A120 J25 Marks Tey, 5/12/2017. Van driver plays games keeping the truck in lane 2. When he gets flashed he sees red and brake checks the truck causing an impact. "We stopped a bit further up...
south mimms german van driver

Check your mirrors before manoeuvring – crash

M25 J23 South Mimms Services. This German van driver decide to take a left turn into the exit of a petrol station (no entry) without checking his mirrors. As a result he takes the impact...
stamford hill london

Idiot driver crashes after failing to give way

Wellington Avenue, Stamford Hill, North London - 20-11-2017. "Both drivers were injured. the driver of the green car (slow moving vehicle coming from the right) suffered a minor leg injury. The driver who failed to give...
Leeds straighlined

Idiot van driver straight lines the roundabout

"This happend to me last week in my brand new 67 plate Merc only 4 weeks old. 2 minutes from the yard in Leeds coming from London and this idiot cuts straight across me...