A63 Biker leaves it late

WATCH: Biker leaves their overtake very late

On the A63 near the village of Lumby in North Yorkshire (9-3-2018) heading towards Selby, this truck driver was overtaken by this biker on their Ducati. https://youtu.be/ZnGhilyIFYI The biker makes a stupidly late overtake and returns...
Cyclists runs a red in Whitefield

WATCH: Cyclists peddles through red light in Whitefield

**Contains strong language** Cyclists like to give truck drivers a bad name regularly so what happens when a cyclist blatantly peddles through a red light and into the path of an oncoming HGV? https://youtu.be/d1Fyq0x6PTI Luckily this truck...
A50 unnecessary lane change nearly ends in disaster

Unnecessary lane change nearly ends in disaster

A50 / A46 near Leicester, 23/2/2018. https://youtu.be/nHtOMxUf9so As I was approaching this entry slip road I noticed a number of vehicles waiting to enter the carriageway. As there was nothing in lane two, out of courtesy...
A17 speed camera gets impatient driver

Karma for impatient driver at Swineshead Bridge

A17 Swineshead Bridge, Lincolnshire, 16/2/2018. Travelling along the A17 heading west towards Sleaford, I encountered this impatient driver who didn't like the fact I slowed down to 40mph entering a 40mph zone. There is a level...
M25 Boss Cabins Van Rhinos

Boss cabins van rhinos his way out

M25 Jct 21a Anti Clockwise, 7/2/2018. After leaving the M25 to head towards Hatfield I travel up to the roundabout where I need to turn right. Travelling towards my exit on the roundabout I notice...
A120 rear ended at roundabout bishops stortford

Stop! Rear ended at a roundabout

A120, Priory Wood Roundabout, Bishops Stortford - 2/2/2018. On the A120 from Braintree, approaching Birchanger roundabout, junction of A120/M11. As I slowed to stop behind vehicles waiting at the traffic lights...... https://youtu.be/lOb1BuGSCcY
Mundesley red light jumper

Mundesley Village red light jumper

Mundesley, Norfolk - 25/1/2018. The video starts as HGV driver Brian is making a left turn out of Back Street into Station Road. Upon driving on Station Road, there was a set of temporary four...
A60 Manfield driver nearly gets rear ended

Idiot in Mansfield nearly gets rear ended

A60, Mansfield - 2/1/2018. On the A60 through Mansfield coming up to a set of lights where they split into 3 lanes, the centre lane goes straight on only. This fool is sat behind me...
A406 Tottenham Megane Idiot

Idiot Megane driver in Tottenham

A406 North Circular, Tottenham, 19-1-2018. I was happily driving in the Wembley direction on the North Circular, the traffic was pretty ok for a change at 9.30am. As you can see, I was only doing...
Dartford cars in wrong lanes

How many cars are in the wrong lane?

This video is from the A206 Littlebrook Interchange at Dartford in Kent right next to the Dartford Crossing. It highlights the need to be in front of a truck at any cost. As seen here,...