M2 Dangerous Undertake - Associated Security

WATCH: Dangerous overtake on the M2 – Associated Security

"Traveling along the M2 London bound just before Medway services. Another truck was coming alongside me to overtake me out of shot. The van driver obviously couldn't wait so undertook on the hard shoulder. But...
M42 Dangerous Driver slams on in wrong lane

WATCH: Car in wrong lane nearly causes smash

M6 J4 with M42 - 26/4/2018 "Travelling towards Birmingham airport when I nearly got caught up in the sheer act of stupidity. The car driver suddenly decides they need the M42 north rather than south...
A59 Skipton Car Pulls Out

Close call as car pulls out on van

Travelling along the A59 near Skipton when this car pulled out of the side road in front of me. Change of underwear needed moments later. https://youtu.be/0exneVHRPqk To send us your video, please click the image below:
Van collides with truck on M1

Van driver pulls into the path of a truck

M1 11/4/2018. Good reactions from the HGV driver. "The white van and the Honda Civic had a bit of road rage further back down the road. The van driving was clearly still wound up while he was...
Sittinbourne Drift

Sittingbourne Drift

Kemsley, Sittingbourne - 12/4/2018 - PF02 AAJ Coming out of the Morrisons distribution centre in the Kemsley area of Sittingbourne, I encountered this….. https://youtu.be/SlE5GqkJ9zs Hero (did nothing wrong, never hurt anyone) or Villain (shouldn't be on the...
Mondeo driver takes to the verge rather than waiting

WATCH: Impatient driver drives wrongway on verge in Dartford

Heading back to the M25 on the A206 at #Dartford (28-3-2018). https://youtu.be/8By7Rlc0LqQ The traffic is queueing as always but this idiot has a better idea.
Car pulls out on 50 tonne abmnormal load

WATCH: Close call as car pulls out on 50 tonne abnormal load

B4008, Stonehouse, Gloucesterhire, 19-3-2018. https://youtu.be/1eRDa2m2dYc Coming off the M5 at J12 with a 50 plus tonne abnormal load, this truck driver takes the B4008 towards Stonehouse in Gloucestershire. The driver said "he had no idea what possessed...
Windows smash as driver hits road sign

WATCH: Bus driver hits road sign smashing windows

Warwick Way, Loughborough, Leicestershire, 8-3-2018. https://youtu.be/NRdpfPYI3os A driver caught this unusual footage on his dashcam in Loughborough. It shows a HGV driver letting a bus driver out of junction as the road was busy anyway. The...

WATCH: Van driver reacts after late motorway exit

M69 junction on to the M1 north, Leicester, 1-2-2018. White Van Man (BJ63 DBU) strikes again! https://youtu.be/BycwGDAXxA4 How can anyone not know their junction is upon them? There are signs posted for a mile before the junction....
M6 Calsberg Trailer

WATCH: Carlsberg don’t do motorway closures, but if they did…….

There was long delays on the M6 on Friday 2/3/2018 after a Carlsberg trailer became detached from the cab after reportedly crashing with another HGV. It was reported in other news outlets that the crash...