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Saturday, March 23, 2019.
Duck crossing in Monmouth

WATCH: Ducks bring Monmouth to a standstill

After seeing lots of bad driving out there, sometimes its great to witness something different. https://youtu.be/uZPWCc5pov8 Driving through the village of Monmouth on the Welsh border,...
Brake check compilation

WATCH: Brake Checked!! The Compilation

Brake check compilation of some of the videos we've been sent over the last 2 years. Advert

WATCH: September Compilation

We know lots of you miss the monthly compilations we used to do last year. The truth is, they take a lot of time...
Abergavenny Wrong Way Roundabout

Karma after idiot driver tries an illegal overtake

A465 Abergavenny this morning. Idiot decides to overtake in the roadworks on a solid white line approaching a roundabout and gets nowhere. Credit: Chris Wilson https://youtu.be/wUtntAny5Fg