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Monday, May 20, 2019.
Mondeo driver takes to the verge rather than waiting

WATCH: Impatient driver drives wrongway on verge in Dartford

Heading back to the M25 on the A206 at #Dartford (28-3-2018). https://youtu.be/8By7Rlc0LqQ The traffic is queueing as always but this idiot has a better idea.
Dartford cars in wrong lanes

How many cars are in the wrong lane?

This video is from the A206 Littlebrook Interchange at Dartford in Kent right next to the Dartford Crossing. It highlights the need to be in...
Woman on country lane in smart car

Woman on a country lane makes life difficult

On a undisclosed country lane in Sandwich, Kent - 1/11/2018. On a single track country lane, this lady sees me coming but refuses to stop...