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stamford hill london

Idiot driver crashes after failing to give way

Wellington Avenue, Stamford Hill, North London - 20-11-2017. "Both drivers were injured. the driver of the green car (slow moving vehicle coming from the right)...
A406 Road Rage

Road rage HGV and car in London

A406 North Circular, London - 18/08/2017 "This happened to me in the Summer, Met Police have shown no interest, despite a report being made". Credit: Michael...
Park Royal Idiot BMW Driver

Brake checked after being cut up YH62 HSC

Abbey Road/North Circular, Park Royal - YH62 HSC "Another BMW driver with an ego bigger than his manhood. The video clearly shows only lane 3...
A13 Dagenham Uninsured Driver

Uninsured driver lost control after failing to merge

A13 near Dagenham. "An accident my other half had last year. It's now been to court and the dim woman failed to turn up to...