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Saturday, March 23, 2019.
A120 rear ended at roundabout bishops stortford

Stop! Rear ended at a roundabout

A120, Priory Wood Roundabout, Bishops Stortford - 2/2/2018. On the A120 from Braintree, approaching Birchanger roundabout, junction of A120/M11. As I slowed to stop behind...
M20 Idiot get aggresive revering up slip road

WATCH: Van driver gets aggresive whilst reversing up the slip road

M20 entry slip road at Ashford east - 30/4/2018. Van driver in white pickup (GN56 SKO, DVLA says green) sees a queue and starts to...
M2 Dangerous Undertake - Associated Security

WATCH: Dangerous overtake on the M2 – Associated Security

"Traveling along the M2 London bound just before Medway services. Another truck was coming alongside me to overtake me out of shot. The van...
Dartford cars in wrong lanes

How many cars are in the wrong lane?

This video is from the A206 Littlebrook Interchange at Dartford in Kent right next to the Dartford Crossing. It highlights the need to be in...
Park Royal Idiot BMW Driver

Brake checked after being cut up YH62 HSC

Abbey Road/North Circular, Park Royal - YH62 HSC "Another BMW driver with an ego bigger than his manhood. The video clearly shows only lane 3...
M25 Boss Cabins Van Rhinos

Boss cabins van rhinos his way out

M25 Jct 21a Anti Clockwise, 7/2/2018. After leaving the M25 to head towards Hatfield I travel up to the roundabout where I need to turn...
A406 Road Rage

Road rage HGV and car in London

A406 North Circular, London - 18/08/2017 "This happened to me in the Summer, Met Police have shown no interest, despite a report being made". Credit: Michael...
M25 Tyre Bounce

Trucks tyre bounces across the motorway

M25, 17-1-2018. Truck loses tyre and bounces across the carriageway before hitting the central reserve and rebounding back into the path of oncoming traffic. Credit: Tomasz...