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Manchester, United Kingdom
Wednesday, May 23, 2018.
A406 Tottenham Megane Idiot

Idiot Megane driver in Tottenham

A406 North Circular, Tottenham, 19-1-2018. I was happily driving in the Wembley direction on the North Circular, the traffic was pretty ok for a change...
Dartford cars in wrong lanes

How many cars are in the wrong lane?

This video is from the A206 Littlebrook Interchange at Dartford in Kent right next to the Dartford Crossing. It highlights the need to be in...
M25 Tyre Bounce

Trucks tyre bounces across the motorway

M25, 17-1-2018. Truck loses tyre and bounces across the carriageway before hitting the central reserve and rebounding back into the path of oncoming traffic. Credit: Tomasz...
Hounslow Bad Focus Driver

Focus driver makes a bad left turn

Hounslow, 27/1/2015. An old video from a couple of years ago, this Ford Focus just randomly stops in front of me with no signal &...
A12 Marks Tey

Van man causes crash after seeing red

A12/A120 J25 Marks Tey, 5/12/2017. Van driver plays games keeping the truck in lane 2. When he gets flashed he sees red and brake checks...
south mimms german van driver

Check your mirrors before manoeuvring – crash

M25 J23 South Mimms Services. This German van driver decide to take a left turn into the exit of a petrol station (no entry) without...
stamford hill london

Idiot driver crashes after failing to give way

Wellington Avenue, Stamford Hill, North London - 20-11-2017. "Both drivers were injured. the driver of the green car (slow moving vehicle coming from the right)...
Woman on country lane in smart car

Woman on a country lane makes life difficult

On a undisclosed country lane in Sandwich, Kent - 1/11/2018. On a single track country lane, this lady sees me coming but refuses to stop...