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Sunday, January 20, 2019.

WATCH: Blinding overtake on the Woodhead Pass

A628 Woodhead Pass, 25/6/2018. We seem to get a lot of videos from the Woodhead Pass, especially this exact same blind bend. Here is another for...

WATCH: Genuine mistake leaves trucker raging

M6 s/b J14, Stafford - 2/7/2018. "The HGV and the BMW both merged into the middle lane at the same time, the BMW not looking...

WATCH: Kissing on the motorway leads to bumper being pulled off

M60/M61 junction in Greater Manchester, 12/6/2018. We all know that the person joining the motorway should give way to whats already on the carriageway. However,...
Van driver loses his load

WATCH: Van drivers loses load in Wakefield

A638 Doncaster Road, Wakefield - 12/6/2018. Not a hgv but still…. This van driver pulls out of Howarth Timber & Building Supplies without securing their load...

WATCH: Van crashes into truck on roundabout

Thoughs on this… The HGV was in the correct lane for turning left. The 7.5 tonner in front of the van was from the same...

WATCH: Karma as BMW driver pushes in

A5/M42 J10 roundabout at Tamworth. Lanes are well marked but there's always one bully boy pusing their way in. Whilst the driver is still looking...
Crane versus toll booth at Dunham bridge

WATCH: Stop and pay at the toll booth

A57 Dunham toll bridge between Lincoln and Worksop, 7-6-2018. Seems the crane driver wanted to pay for a new toll booth as well as the...
Impatient truck driver halts the carriageway

WATCH: Impatient truck driver blocks the carriageway

Driving down A30 between Launceston and Bodmin when this TNT artic lorry decided to park itself right across the dual carriageway forcing our side...