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Wednesday, June 26, 2019.
A52 Nottingham Audi

Crash for cash or an innocent bump?

Moving onto a roundabout in Nottingham (A52), I'd been following the Audi estate for several miles. On the roundabout, the Audi was cut up and...
A13 Dagenham Uninsured Driver

Uninsured driver lost control after failing to merge

A13 near Dagenham. "An accident my other half had last year. It's now been to court and the dim woman failed to turn up to...
A5 Towcester Drivers Keys Thrown Away

Drivers keys get thrown away after late overtake

"This happened on the A5 not long after Towcester. I checked my mirrors and didn't catch this guy's late overtake as my concentration was...
M180 Woman In BMW Stops For A Chat

BMW driver stops for a chat!

Video from 12-7-2017. Scunthorpe Junction 4 M180 roundabout tree covered with poor visibility,started moving as was initially clear. BMW fly's up nearside and stops way...
M1 Close Call Car Transporter

Driver losses control nearly causing another crash

M1 s/b at Leicester earlier this morning (17-8-2017). Close call! Car lost control under braking. Truck driver was in a loaded car transporter and brakes were...
Doncaster Turners Truck High Kerb

Going, going, going…that was close!

A6182 White Rose Way, Doncaster earlier this afternoon (24-6-2017). New underwear is a must, looks like the driver hit the high kerb and nearly lost...
Hippo Truck Sleeps in Portsmouth

Truck caught taking a nap on the job

Paulsgrove area of #Portsmouth - 19-6-2017. Seems even Hippo's need to have a lay down in the shade in this heatwave we are having. Credit: Trevor...
Woodhead Pass Dangerous Overtake

Woodhead Pass dangerous overtake

Woodhead Pass, Dunford Bridge. Car dangerously overtakes a truck in the opposite direction nearly causing a multiple pile-up. Strong language throughout, understandingly. Credit: Pete Hampson To licence...