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Saturday, March 23, 2019.
Warehouse One Truck Curtains Loose

Truck driver forgets to fasten curtains?

M65 Blackburn - 23/1/2018. "I followed this driver for about 5 miles wondering if he bothers to look in his mirrors." Take the online poll below...
M6 Calsberg Trailer

WATCH: Carlsberg don’t do motorway closures, but if they did…….

There was long delays on the M6 on Friday 2/3/2018 after a Carlsberg trailer became detached from the cab after reportedly crashing with another...

WATCH: Car seen travelling down the m6 motorway on the wrong...

At a busy time of the day on the M6 motorway in the north of England at Lancaster, this truck driver couldn't believe what...
Clio driver runs red light

Clio drivers runs a red light – SC06 SNN

A534, Crewe - 10/1/2018. The driver of the red Renault Clio runs a red light and doesn't even look oblivious to the crash he nearly...
Audi A7 driver appears in court

Dangerous Audi A7 driver appears in court

We ran this video last April when it was sent into us and we have an update. https://youtu.be/bObg_JkB8Co Harvey Schofield appeared at Chester Magistrates’ Court on...
YP12 HZE Brake Checks Truck

Van man in dangerous driving stunt – YP12 HZE

M62, J11 e/b - 31/1/2018. "One of my drivers encountered this white van driver today at Birchwood, Warrington." https://youtu.be/WXx5xZFA-S8

WATCH: Idiot in wrong lane see red R8 OUG

Park Road, Oldham - 20/7/2018 Our member tells us this starts when they try jumping the traffic already queuing after purposely getting themselves in the...
Helpful trucker does a good deed

WATCH: Who says truckers are not helpful?

Who says truckers are not helpful? Advert Poor girl was struggling to get the...