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Sunday, January 20, 2019.
A50 unnecessary lane change nearly ends in disaster

Unnecessary lane change nearly ends in disaster

A50 / A46 near Leicester, 23/2/2018. https://youtu.be/nHtOMxUf9so As I was approaching this entry slip road I noticed a number of vehicles waiting to enter the carriageway....

WATCH: Genuine mistake leaves trucker raging

M6 s/b J14, Stafford - 2/7/2018. "The HGV and the BMW both merged into the middle lane at the same time, the BMW not looking...
Van man road rage and brake check

Van man causes road rage and brake checks truck – LL53...

A52 / A46 roundabout Bingham, Nottingham, - 18/1/2018. For no apparent reason this lovely van driver decided to brake check me on middle of a...
A5 Towcester Drivers Keys Thrown Away

Drivers keys get thrown away after late overtake

"This happened on the A5 not long after Towcester. I checked my mirrors and didn't catch this guy's late overtake as my concentration was...

WATCH: Karma as BMW driver pushes in

A5/M42 J10 roundabout at Tamworth. Lanes are well marked but there's always one bully boy pusing their way in. Whilst the driver is still looking...

WATCH: Dad and child on bike have a close call

Gresham Street, Derby. "Push bike with adult giving kid a fronty, straight across my path. Hazard perception did come in use after all". https://youtu.be/LI7kdHxigOc If you have...
Near miss with a car on the M6

WATCH: Near miss with car on the M6

This newly seen video is from November 2017 but has only just been released by this HGV driver.
Windows smash as driver hits road sign

WATCH: Bus driver hits road sign smashing windows

Warwick Way, Loughborough, Leicestershire, 8-3-2018. https://youtu.be/NRdpfPYI3os A driver caught this unusual footage on his dashcam in Loughborough. It shows a HGV driver letting a bus driver...