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Saturday, March 23, 2019.
Van man road rage and brake check

Van man causes road rage and brake checks truck – LL53...

A52 / A46 roundabout Bingham, Nottingham, - 18/1/2018. For no apparent reason this lovely van driver decided to brake check me on middle of a...

WATCH: Queue jumper at temporary traffic lights

A1133 Collingham, 28/3/2018 In a hurry then? Just setting off from this set of temporary traffic lights when I caught this idiot with no patience. They...
A50 unnecessary lane change nearly ends in disaster

Unnecessary lane change nearly ends in disaster

A50 / A46 near Leicester, 23/2/2018. https://youtu.be/nHtOMxUf9so As I was approaching this entry slip road I noticed a number of vehicles waiting to enter the carriageway....
Trucks tyres explode

Trucks tyres explode with a bang!

M1 J16 s/b, 15/1/2018. "I try to move into lane 1 and the Artic ahead of me indicates and moves to lane 2, I move...
Near miss with a car on the M6

WATCH: Near miss with car on the M6

This newly seen video is from November 2017 but has only just been released by this HGV driver.
M5 Car Driving Wrong Way in Lane 1

WATCH: Near miss as car travels wrong way down the motorway

"I was travelling northbound on the M5 between J4 & 3 close to Frankley services when this happened. Nothing quite prepared me for this...
Driver doesn't stop at roundabout

WATCH: Driver doesn’t stop at roundabout

Sutton-In-Ashfield, 24/7/2018 14:40 Approaching a mini roundabout in Sutton-In-Ashfield, the driver of this 18 tonne HGV makes his move onto the roundabout. Having right of way,...
A60 Manfield driver nearly gets rear ended

Idiot in Mansfield nearly gets rear ended

A60, Mansfield - 2/1/2018. On the A60 through Mansfield coming up to a set of lights where they split into 3 lanes, the centre lane...