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Saturday, March 23, 2019.
M42 Dangerous Driver slams on in wrong lane

WATCH: Car in wrong lane nearly causes smash

M6 J4 with M42 - 26/4/2018 "Travelling towards Birmingham airport when I nearly got caught up in the sheer act of stupidity. The car driver...
Van man road rage and brake check

Van man causes road rage and brake checks truck – LL53...

A52 / A46 roundabout Bingham, Nottingham, - 18/1/2018. For no apparent reason this lovely van driver decided to brake check me on middle of a...
Windows smash as driver hits road sign

WATCH: Bus driver hits road sign smashing windows

Warwick Way, Loughborough, Leicestershire, 8-3-2018. https://youtu.be/NRdpfPYI3os A driver caught this unusual footage on his dashcam in Loughborough. It shows a HGV driver letting a bus driver...

WATCH: Golf driver refuses to pull over on the M6

It's a quite Saturday morning travelling north on the M6 through Stafforshire when this HGV driver stumbles across the driver of this VW Golf. The...
Near miss with a car on the M6

WATCH: Near miss with car on the M6

This newly seen video is from November 2017 but has only just been released by this HGV driver.

WATCH: Karma as BMW driver pushes in

A5/M42 J10 roundabout at Tamworth. Lanes are well marked but there's always one bully boy pusing their way in. Whilst the driver is still looking...

WATCH: Van driver reacts after late motorway exit

M69 junction on to the M1 north, Leicester, 1-2-2018. White Van Man (BJ63 DBU) strikes again! https://youtu.be/BycwGDAXxA4 How can anyone not know their junction is upon them?...

WATCH: Genuine mistake leaves trucker raging

M6 s/b J14, Stafford - 2/7/2018. "The HGV and the BMW both merged into the middle lane at the same time, the BMW not looking...