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Wednesday, June 26, 2019.
Mundesley red light jumper

Mundesley Village red light jumper

Mundesley, Norfolk - 25/1/2018. The video starts as HGV driver Brian is making a left turn out of Back Street into Station Road. Upon driving...
Brake Checked Peugeot 107 A1

Braked checked by a Pug ‘dodgem’ 107

30/1/2018 - Share and make this idiot famous - NC56 XPN "Coming off the A1 and heading to Pontefract when I was brake checked by this...
Downton truck

Downton truck travels wrong way on a roundabout

Wakefield J41 Industrial Estate. Downton vehicle is caught going around a roundabout the wrong way. In the early hours of the 22/1/2018 Andy King captures this...
A1M wrong way at Doncaster

Idiot car driver going the wrong way on the A1M

A1M J35-36, Doncaster - 15/1/2018. At 0330 in the morning, I was amazed to see this idiot driving on the hard shoulder the wrong way...
Van in wrong lane turning right

Van turning right in wrong lane nearly causes crash

Fleet road, Long Sutton, A17 - 2/1/2018. "Just finished work and was diving home when coming up to a notoriously bad junction when the white...
M62 Car Reverses In Fog On Hard Shoulder

Car misses exit then reverses in fog on M62

M62 J23 w/b 20/12/2017. It maybe 23.50 at night but this is something that should never be done. If you miss your junction, just carry...
Leeds straighlined

Idiot van driver straight lines the roundabout

"This happend to me last week in my brand new 67 plate Merc only 4 weeks old. 2 minutes from the yard in Leeds...
peterborough brake check

Brake checked GF61 BAU no tax, not or insurance

A605 near Peterborough Services 17-11-2017 If you're going to behave like this on the road and draw attention to yourself, make sure your car is...