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Wednesday, June 26, 2019.

WATCH: Police chase leads to a crash and decamp

Although this incident happened in January 2016, it has now been released to the public. On Billington Road, Leighton Buzzard heading towards the A505 the...
Children run in road in front of truck

Children run into the road in front of truck

The children run out in front of this 7.5 tonne fully loaded lorry followed by their mum. It appears the children had been waiting...
Brake Checked Peugeot 107 A1

Braked checked by a Pug ‘dodgem’ 107

30/1/2018 - Share and make this idiot famous - NC56 XPN "Coming off the A1 and heading to Pontefract when I was brake checked by this...
Downton truck

Downton truck travels wrong way on a roundabout

Wakefield J41 Industrial Estate. Downton vehicle is caught going around a roundabout the wrong way. In the early hours of the 22/1/2018 Andy King captures this...
Van in wrong lane turning right

Van turning right in wrong lane nearly causes crash

Fleet road, Long Sutton, A17 - 2/1/2018. "Just finished work and was diving home when coming up to a notoriously bad junction when the white...
Woodhead Pass Dangerous Overtake

Woodhead Pass dangerous overtake

Woodhead Pass, Dunford Bridge. Car dangerously overtakes a truck in the opposite direction nearly causing a multiple pile-up. Strong language throughout, understandingly. Credit: Pete Hampson To licence...
Red Honda Civic

Dangerous drivers gets off lightly!

Okay, so we all remember this idiot. This was the moment the driver of the red Honda Civic decides to pull off a stunt so...
Doncaster Dangerous Driver

Dangerous driver gets 6 points and fine!

A little under a year ago, we was sent this clip of dangerous undertake on the A1M near Doncaster. Our page was a relatively small page then...