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Sunday, January 20, 2019.
Mondeo driver takes to the verge rather than waiting

WATCH: Impatient driver drives wrongway on verge in Dartford

Heading back to the M25 on the A206 at #Dartford (28-3-2018). https://youtu.be/8By7Rlc0LqQ The traffic is queueing as always but this idiot has a better idea.

WATCH: Van driver takes evasive action into the path of a...

Travelling southbound through the roadworks on the M23 J9 near Gatwick Airport, lane one was moving slower than the lane this unfortunate truck driver...
Sofa Workshop Lichfield

BRAKE!! Idiot 7.5 tonne driver makes no intention

A38 Lichfield - Burton ? "7.5t box van accelerates away after pulling onto A38 so I pull in behind, with no indication he slams his...
A17 speed camera gets impatient driver

Karma for impatient driver at Swineshead Bridge

A17 Swineshead Bridge, Lincolnshire, 16/2/2018. Travelling along the A17 heading west towards Sleaford, I encountered this impatient driver who didn't like the fact I slowed...
KU53 JXF van man sees red joining motorway

WATCH: Man in a van see’s red when joining the motorway

A1M Northbound with the M18 junction, 27-7-2018. The cam driver tells us, "the driver of this white transit van uses the hard shoulder to under...
M62 Car Reverses In Fog On Hard Shoulder

Car misses exit then reverses in fog on M62

M62 J23 w/b 20/12/2017. It maybe 23.50 at night but this is something that should never be done. If you miss your junction, just carry...
M1 Close Call Car Transporter

Driver losses control nearly causing another crash

M1 s/b at Leicester earlier this morning (17-8-2017). Close call! Car lost control under braking. Truck driver was in a loaded car transporter and brakes were...
Downton truck

Downton truck travels wrong way on a roundabout

Wakefield J41 Industrial Estate. Downton vehicle is caught going around a roundabout the wrong way. In the early hours of the 22/1/2018 Andy King captures this...