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Saturday, March 23, 2019.
Warehouse One Truck Curtains Loose

Truck driver forgets to fasten curtains?

M65 Blackburn - 23/1/2018. "I followed this driver for about 5 miles wondering if he bothers to look in his mirrors." Take the online poll below...
Van collides with truck on M1

Van driver pulls into the path of a truck

M1 11/4/2018. Good reactions from the HGV driver. "The white van and the Honda Civic had a bit of road rage further back down the road. The...
taxi driver in aylesbury

Near miss with a Taxi

Shootacre Lane, Princes Risborough - 12/4/2018 Very close call with an ABC Taxis of Aylesbury vehicle. https://youtu.be/nyOuELE_nLo
Chris Hayter collision

WATCH: Truck driver doesn’t stop after collision

In the early hours of the morning, trucker driver Mike Reed was travelling along the A436 near Severn Springs in the Cheltenham area when...
EVO brake checked for no reason

WATCH: EVO driver brake checks for no reason

"I was on the M27 heading westbound towards Southampton docks. Advert I could not let...
Autumn Compilation 2018

WATCH: Autumn Compilation of dash cam footage

Please enjoy the long awaited Autumn compilation. Keep sending your videos to us using the 'Send A Video' link found in the...
Fed-Ex driver forgets the handbrake

Red faced Fed Ex driver forgets the handbrake

Unknown location in Oxford - 4/1/2018. Very windy day and the Fed-Ex driver forgot the parking brake, queue the Benny Hill music :-D https://youtu.be/JyQ7oEYcV7g
Impatient driver brake checks on the A34

WATCH: Brake checked by impatient driver on the A34

"A car driver allowed me out to overtake a slower lorry on the A34 north near Didcot. I stayed out to pass...