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Sunday, January 20, 2019.

Can you afford the new speeding fines?

Speeding fines are changing in the UK seeing drivers charged more if they are caught exceeding the speed limit. From today (April 24th) the way drivers are...
Doncaster Dangerous Driver

Dangerous driver gets 6 points and fine!

A little under a year ago, we was sent this clip of dangerous undertake on the A1M near Doncaster. Our page was a relatively small page then...
Dash Cams make driving safer

5 ways a dash cam will make driving safer

The majority of motorists would probably say they are a good driver. They would argue that they abide by the rules of the road,...

WATCH: September Compilation

We know lots of you miss the monthly compilations we used to do last year. The truth is, they take a lot of time...
bbc close calls on camera

Watch: Full story seen on TV

Cast your minds back to December, 2016 and specifically that video that went viral. Yes, we mean the Smart Car crash on the M23...

Goose is always happy to help

Truck driver Goose McSwan helps an elderly man who has broken down at a set of traffic lights. A71 at West Calder, West Lothian, Scotland. Driving...
Van driver overtakes on blind bends

Dangerous van driver appears in court

We were sent this video in August 2016 which highlighted a red van overtaking on a solid white line around some very blind bends in...
Worlds Deadliest Drivers

TV Interview for the ‘World’s Deadliest Drivers’

As some of you are aware, last year we were approached by Back2back TV Productions who are in the process of making a new...