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Wednesday, June 26, 2019.
Winter Compilation 2018-19

WATCH: Winter Compilation of Dash Cam Footage

Here is the Winter Compilation for your entertainment. Please keep sending in your videos so that we can do a regular monthly...
Dash Cams make driving safer

5 ways a dash cam will make driving safer

The majority of motorists would probably say they are a good driver. They would argue that they abide by the rules of the road,...
Brake check compilation

WATCH: Brake Checked!! The Compilation

Brake check compilation of some of the videos we've been sent over the last 2 years. Advert
Red Honda Civic

Dangerous drivers gets off lightly!

Okay, so we all remember this idiot. This was the moment the driver of the red Honda Civic decides to pull off a stunt so...

Goose is always happy to help

Truck driver Goose McSwan helps an elderly man who has broken down at a set of traffic lights. A71 at West Calder, West Lothian, Scotland. Driving...
Van driver overtakes on blind bends

Dangerous van driver appears in court

We were sent this video in August 2016 which highlighted a red van overtaking on a solid white line around some very blind bends in...
Worlds Deadliest Drivers

Series 2 of “The Worlds Deadliest Drivers”

Last year we was asked to get involved with a brand new TV program called 'The Worlds Deadliest Drivers". We agreed and they wanted to...
bbc close calls on camera

Watch: Full story seen on TV

Cast your minds back to December, 2016 and specifically that video that went viral. Yes, we mean the Smart Car crash on the M23...