Brake check compilation

WATCH: Brake Checked!! The Compilation

Brake check compilation of some of the videos we've been sent over the last 2 years. Advert Lots of you that have liked and followed...
Helpful trucker does a good deed

WATCH: Who says truckers are not helpful?

Who says truckers are not helpful? Advert Poor girl was struggling to get the car in gear and all the other vehicles couldn't spare...
Winter Compilation 2018-19

WATCH: Winter Compilation of Dash Cam Footage

Here is the Winter Compilation for your entertainment. Please keep sending in your videos so that we can do a regular monthly compilation using the 'send a video' link in the above...
Autumn Compilation 2018

WATCH: Autumn Compilation of dash cam footage

Please enjoy the long awaited Autumn compilation. Keep sending your videos to us using the 'Send A Video' link found in the menu.
EVO brake checked for no reason

WATCH: EVO driver brake checks for no reason

"I was on the M27 heading westbound towards Southampton docks. Advert I could not let the Evo pull out of the services as I had...
Impatient driver brake checks on the A34

WATCH: Brake checked by impatient driver on the A34

"A car driver allowed me out to overtake a slower lorry on the A34 north near Didcot. I stayed out to pass a 2nd slower lorry but another car behind the one...
Near miss with a car on the M6

WATCH: Near miss with car on the M6

This newly seen video is from November 2017 but has only just been released by this HGV driver. Advert "I was travelling north on the...
Wrong way A500

WATCH: Truck driver stops wrong way car driver on a roundabout

Truck driver Russell tells us that he hadn't long started his nightshift where he was travelling along the A500 in Crewe towards the M6 motorway. On approach to the Meremoor Moss Roundabout at the junction...
Chris Hayter collision

WATCH: Truck driver doesn’t stop after collision

In the early hours of the morning, trucker driver Mike Reed was travelling along the A436 near Severn Springs in the Cheltenham area when this collision happened. Being dark and not very well lit, Mike...

WATCH: Golf driver refuses to pull over on the M6

It's a quite Saturday morning travelling north on the M6 through Stafforshire when this HGV driver stumbles across the driver of this VW Golf. The driver is noticeably travelling very slowly in lane one of...